Vic. 24. Cosplayer. Student (when in the mood). Bird Lover. Bunny owner. Nonbinary. They/them. I complain about school a lot and cry over Rupert Graves, Game of Thrones, animals and cosplay.

No but James is the cutest he told me I was his Seb senpai and he said he realised when we were in the car to Germany how weird it was that he was going to a con with me omfg can I keep him?

They are all just SO FUCKING GOOD and dedicated and weh I feel so much like a noooooob


Still sad James Nesbit couldn’t be here :(

James, you’re snoring


The bed is uncomfortable and the pillow fucking sucks. God damn it.

I can confirm the pillows suck.

And so do the curtains

Aaaargh! So awkward! Why are these German cosplayers so scaryyyyy


papagreglestrade is going on an adventure.

It didn’t make my feet clean :(

Full outfit

This Hobbit needs a pedicure

kittens waking up (x)

Keep walking into Dwarf actors. This is so great! But I’m too awkward to talk to people I recognise from Tumblr :(

I found Greg!

Found my cuties! #misterbilbo #flamiekitten


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